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Commercial Electrician

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Commercial Electrician

Our dedicated team of fully trained commercial electricians can help your business no matter what specific work is required for your next project. Our team is trained to carry out a wide variety of technical and specialist electrical applications. Don’t compromise, have our team get the work you need, complete with the highest of quality and easy on your budget, we can provide a list of services for commercial electrical on the Gold Coast.

We provide you with a full consultation to explain your available options so that you can choose the scope of work that’s right for your home or business – and your budget.

Our fully trained Commercial electricians can provide you with the following services:

  • General Lighting (Maintenance & Upgrades)
  • Stairwells & Carpark Basement Lighting (Maintenance & Upgrades)
  • LED Lighting (Maintenance & Upgrades)
  • Exit & Emergency LED lighting (Maintenance & Upgrades)
  • Ventilation Roof Fans (Maintenance & Replacements)
  • Switchboards (Maintenance & Upgrades)
  • Basement Carpark entry gate faults & repairs
  • Swimming Pool Pump faults
  • Irrigation Pump faults
  • Garden & Path Lighting
  • Signage Lighting (New & maintenance)
  • Area LED Flood lighting poles (New & maintenance)
  • Area LED Flood Lighting (New & maintenance)
  • Safety Switch testing & recording
  • Thermal testing of Switchboards
  • Testing & Tagging

An increase in power within your property can cause damage or even destroy a wide list of electronic equipment and appliances. A power surge can be caused by things such as faulty wiring, downed power lines or even by lightning strikes.

To protect your property from this is to first unplug anything that is not in use and then consider getting an electrician to install a guard against surges or advise you the best of what to do with protection against a surge.

Like any electrical appliance when they get older, it is always best to check them over quite frequently. Get in touch with a qualified electrician and they will look over your switchboard advising you of what to do.

The first step to reducing your power bill should be to check exactly how much is being used per room, you can do this by buying a meter to attach to your wall outlets and calculating the entire usage of your home, then eliminate anything that is using more.

Alternatively you can do the following:

  • Switch off any appliance that is on stand-by
  • Take shorter showers (Hot water system)
  • Change to energy efficient light bulbs
  • Install a solar hot water system
  • Install solar panels on your roof to greatly reduce costs
  • Buy energy efficient appliances

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